Oak Turns 1: Naples, FL

Our youngest boy, Oak, has turned one! Since he’s a Winter baby, we flew South and spent some time with family in Florida. Oh the ease of flat sidewalks, parents to babysit and a heated pool to swim in year round. No wonder my 4.5 year old answered the question of what he wants to do when he grows up with “live with Safta and Saba”. So basically he wants to grow up to be retired. Me too kid, me too.

Mothering is a busy job of organizing, scheduling, cooking, cleaning, driving and trying to create some form of fond memories for these boys. We’re still trying to figure out all the traditions we want to pass down through holidays. So far, the birthdays always involve a number balloon and photographing our kids with them. Happy Birthday Oak, may you always pose for your birthday pic, and look back on these as a fun moment in time.